Forming a company in South America

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Company types
The sociedad de garantia reciproca and sociedad anónima are frequently encountered company types throughout South America. All South American countries are independent from each other, which makes it difficult to offer specific guidelines for registering a company. Please bear in mind that if you need to incorporate a company in Brazil, make sure you contact us first. There are fundamental differences between private (fundação privada) and public (fundação pública) entities in Brazil.

However, if you are looking for an easy-to-follow tutorial on the major legal structures for companies in South America, please continue reading, as there are a number of factors that may present significant challenges and risks. Confidus Solutions’ top-choice suggestions are Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru.

A view in ArgentinaIn Argentina, you can incorporate an S.R.L., an S.C.S., an S.C.p.A., an Soc.Col. or one of several other legal entities. S.R.L. in Spanish stands for sociedad de responsabilidad limitada, which closely resembles the United Kingdom’s Limited Company (Ltd) or the US limited liability company. The S.C.S., or sociedad en comandita simple, is almost identical to a limited partnership. S.C.p.A. stands for “sociedad en comandita por acciones” and is a limited partnership with shares, whereas a Soc.Col. or sociedad colectiva is general partnership similar to those found in the United States of America. Argentina also has several other legal entities that we have not listed here.

A view in BrazilIn Brazil, you can incorporate an Ltda, an S.A., a sociedade simples or one of several other types of legal entities. Ltda in Portuguese stands for sociedade limitada, which is similar to a limited company (Ltd) in the United Kingdom. An S.A. is a sociedade anônima which is equivalent to a UK plc. Finally, the sociedade simples is exactly the same as a PLLC. Brazil also has a number of other legal entities not listed here. Contact us if you need help deciding on the most suitable company type for your corporate needs.

A view in ChileIn Chile, the options are SpA, LTDA. or few other company types. SpA in Spanish stands for sociedad por acciones, which is essentially a limited partnership with shares. LTDA. stands for sociedad de responsabilidad limitada and is equivalent to the United Kingdom’s limited company (Ltd). More and more business leaders are shifting their focus from China to Chile — a country that attracts a substantial amount of foreign investment. This is mainly due to its growing economy and dynamic business regulations. Incorporating a company in Chile can bring many benefits.

A view in ColombiaIn Colombia, the available company types are S.A., S.A.S. and Ltda. S.A. in Spanish stands for sociedad anónima which is quite close to a plc in the United Kingdom or a corporation in the United States. S.A.S. stands for sociedad por acciones simplificada, which is a similar concept to the French S.A.S. (societé par actions simplifiée). Finally, an Ltda in Colombia is a sociedad de responsabilidad limitada, equivalent to the idea of a limited company (Ltd) in the United Kingdom or an LLC in the United States.

A view in EcuadorIn Ecuador, you can incorporate a C.A., a Cía, an Ltda or an E.P., among other options. A C.A. in Spanish is a compañía anónima; A Cía Ltda is a compañía limitada, which means limited liability company; while an E.P. is an empresa pública.

A view in PeruPeru, among many other options, offers the chance to register an S.A.A. (sociedad anónima abierta in Spanish). This is a specific type of legal entity that must meet one or more conditions, set out in Article 249 of the General Corporation Law. Remember, an S.A.A. is audited by the Comisión Nacional Supervisora de Empresas y Valores (CONASEV). Forming a company in Peru gives you a ready-made solution for doing business all over South America, legitimately.


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